We are very pleased to welcome you to our open educational community.

Sant Gervasi is, above all, a cooperative of education professionals living and giving life to an educative project, for which we are all responsible.

Since 1970, the year in which our institution was founded, we have tried to improve our didactic resources and materials, as well as the relationship between teachers and pupils, while our teachers continue to take educational courses.

Our non-concerted high school course has a very good reputation, as well as our vocational training courses and further education programmes.

Our understanding of School, is that of a means to guarantee that every individual will reach their maximum potential, will develop their own personality traits and further develop their personal capabilities. We are talking about a school made by the people, open and with great capability for innovation.

Education is a continuous and evolutional whole, related to the natural growth of the people. We are working on providing an answer to these values and the needs the society has.

We are offering the same pedagogic line for children of ages ranging from three years old up to adolescents about to go to college.

In these pages, you shall find information that will allow you to learn about our institution.

We will be very happy to provide you with further information about our school and our project, as well as to tend to any suggestions you might have.



David Cos.